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How Much Do You Really Know About the U.S. and Canada Border? [VIDEO]

We have a much stranger border with our neighbor to the north than you might think. Learn about the line that separates the U.S. and Canada. 

This entertaining video gives you a brief, but thorough, history on the U.S./Canadian border, the longest international border in the world.

The border is marked by a 20-foot clear-cut path across North America, totaling 5,500 miles, called the “no-touching zone.” This includes miles and miles of the Alaska/Yukon wilderness.

Watch the video to learn the history of how this border was created.

How about that job of marking the border back in the 1800s? Someone was given a ball of string, a compass, some maps and then told to march through unchartered wilderness.

The inconsistency of the no-touching zone makes for some disputed areas and some odd border situations. There are some islands on both the coasts that are claimed by both countries and some lakes that the border cuts right in half.

The Canadian and U.S. border is a funny example of awkward pre-GPS country building. There are a few towns where the inhabitants have to cross international borders multiple times a day to get to school or their jobs.

I bet you now know much more about that strange, zig-zagging line that separate two nations. Luckily, this video makes learning about the border pretty entertaining.

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How Much Do You Really Know About the U.S. and Canada Border? [VIDEO]