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Wait, How Many Hogs Were in That Hog Trap?

Just How Many Hogs Were In That Hog Trap

Talk about hitting the jackpot with your hog trap!

Most hog trappers would be satisfied to catch one or two hogs at a time in their hog trap. Imagine the surprise these trappers felt when they checked their trap to see it nearly full to the brim with hogs.

Watch the video and try to count how many pigs were caught in that hog trap!

Is that hitting the mother lode or what? Those hogs leaving the trap looked like a bunch of clowns getting out of a clown car.

Way to go guys! I’ll bet all those pork chops tasted great!

Keep up the good work in the war on feral hogs!

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Wait, How Many Hogs Were in That Hog Trap?