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How Many Elk Can You Count in This Video of a Herd in Michigan?

Facebook, Jennifer Ellis

How many elk can you count in this video?

Michigan isn’t exactly a state one thinks of when talking about encountering large numbers of elk. The herd is confined to a pretty small area of the lower northern peninsula, and many have never even seen even one Michigan elk.

But Jennifer Ellis got quite the surprise on Halloween when a whole herd ran out in front of her!

Here’s the video:

That’s definitely not something you see every day in Michigan! This footage was taken near the tiny town of Atlanta, which is one of the only spots in the Great Lakes State you can actually see elk.

“Well I had very fortunate timing tonight,” Ellis wrote in the post of her video on Facebook. “Driving shuttle to Alpena and experienced something I never had before.

“Was freaking awesome. They just kept coming and coming. I missed quite a few before the recording started,” she added.

I’ve seen groups of elk this large before in Wyoming, but in Michigan? She definitely had some good luck on her side to witness this awesome sight. There were a few nice bulls in that group, too. Thanks for sharing this cool footage with the world, Jennifer!


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How Many Elk Can You Count in This Video of a Herd in Michigan?