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How Long Will a Barbie Rod Hold up in a Bass Fishing Challenge?


How well will a Barbie rod hold up to a few hour bass fishing challenge? 

The infamous Barbie rod is the usually the first rod all children start fishing with. This cheap, push button rod and reel combo has caught some decent bass, but what about when its used in a tournament style setting catching multiple bass at a time.

The guys over at LunkersTV decided to put it to the test in their own challenge. They each grabbed a Barbie rod, hopped in their kayaks, and took to the water for two hours. Whoever could reel in the most bass was the winner.

While things start out okay it soon becomes a hilariously frustrating event to say the least.

I knew they would have issues reeling any bass bigger than a pound in on those cheap ultralight reels, but I was honestly a little surprised at how fast those rods wore out.

It was just hilarious watching him try to cast 12 times before the reel would actually release the line. Even more so when it pretty much turned into him hand line fishing.

These Barbie rods may be fine for your 3-year-old trying to catch little pan fish, but any kid older definitely needs something better. As they said its no wonder kids get frustrated and don’t want to fish anymore after using one of these for any length of time.

I would suggest doing something like I did. I bought my kids a decent ultralight to learn on. If they didn’t want to continue learning how to fish it was still something I would be able to use myself.

It has worked out great. Even after two years of abuse from my daughter, it is still in good enough working order to pass down to my youngest son to begin learning on.


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How Long Will a Barbie Rod Hold up in a Bass Fishing Challenge?