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How Far is Your 12 Gauge Still Effective? This Video Tests Bird to Buckshot

12 gauge shotguns are normally thought of as one of the best home defense options. Let's find out to the max effective range of the 12 gauge.

Shotguns are designed in both pump action and semi auto configurations. The semi auto configurations are normally sought-after for sporting and game usage. Pump action shotguns are normally utilized in law enforcement communities and military applications. Shotguns normally do not have an integrated recoil system. Most shotguns are also normally configured for 5 to 8 shot-shells.

Iraq Veteran 8888 demonstrates how far your 12 gauge will penetrate the target. 12 gauge cartridges come within various different loads. Check out the video and determine if a shotgun is going to fit your self defense needs.

The smallest is likely to be bird shot. The highest is usually considered 00 buckshot. Essentially a shot gun shoots numerous pellets instead of one bullet or projectile out of the barrel. Some shotguns, will shoot a very large 12 gauge slug out of the barrel. While these slugs are normally very heavy, they don't normally travel very far.

12 gauge ammunition is normally very affordable and very cheap to train with. My biggest complaint with 12 gauge ammunition is that you don't normally train for accuracy, you train to get the max effective BB placement on the target. There are many various barriers that can easily stop BB projectiles.

There are many examples of home owners purchasing shotguns because they feel they are very easy to use. Often times this is the case for very inexperienced shooters because they don't have to necessarily focus on one bullet one impact. They can generally point the shotgun in the direction that they want and might get a few pellets on target.

So what do you think, is a 12 gauge worth it in your eyes?


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How Far is Your 12 Gauge Still Effective? This Video Tests Bird to Buckshot