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So How Do You Rescue a Mountain Lion from a Telephone Pole?

NBC News via Char-Koosta News

Anytime you are about to rescue a mountain lion, things get interesting. 

A bizarre video has surfaced from Char-Koosta News near Polson, Montana. What you are about to see shows a worker that has been tasked with the job of going up to the top of a telephone pole to attempt to rescue a mountain lion. Hopefully the man received some hazard pay because I’m guessing he drew the short straw for that assignment.

Watch this spliced together clip yourself and see if you would have the courage to do the same thing.

Luckily, the description of the video indicated that the mountain lion was not injured in that awfully far fall. On second thought, that is sort of surprising because something tells me it didn’t land on its feet…

We often think of mountain lions as being majestic creatures that live out theirs lives in peace and solidarity with elegance and grace in all manners of their lives. Apparently, it looks like they have a few bad days just like the rest of us.

Unfortunately for this big cat, it was caught on tape.



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So How Do You Rescue a Mountain Lion from a Telephone Pole?