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How Do You Get a Mountain Lion out of a Window Well?


How do you get a mountain lion out of a window well? Sounds like the beginning of a joke, but it was no joke for these authorities.

Talk about a screwy situation. First a little girl tells her mother that ‘there’s a big kitty – a mountain lion – stuck in our window well’. Mom doesn’t believe her daughter but goes over to see. Sure enough, there was a mountain lion in the window well.

“My girls saw it at 7 o’clock this morning through the window,” said the mother. “You have to go through that door to go to the toilet and they said they walked through and there’s this face staring at them through the window. They were shaking.”

Well, mom called the authorities and they took care of the cougar in fine fashion.

The incident took place in Washington City, Utah, adjacent to the Red Cliffs National Conservation Area, from whence the mountain lion probably wandered into town from.

Officers from the Division of Wildlife Resources arrived and darted the animal. Then, someone climbed down into the well and lifted the big cat up to waiting hands. “Come to papa!” grunted one of the officers as he lifted the cat.

“I’ve taken them out of window wells probably a half a dozen times over the years,” said Clint Mecham, predator specialist for the DWR. “I don’t know why. If it’s warm down in there or they just feel secure.”

They laid the lion down, removed the dart and performed a check-up on the animal. Then they caged it and took it out to a remote area on Pine Valley Mountain and released it. The guys from the DWR made this look easy, but there’s a lot that goes into such a rescue. This rescue and release went smoothly and no one, including the cat, was hurt.

“I think it probably had a bad enough experience here with people that it will stay up on the mountain and be a lion,” said Mechum.

All’s well that ends well.

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How Do You Get a Mountain Lion out of a Window Well?