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Houston Area Subdivisions are Attracting Deer, and Poachers

Deer are becoming a bigger and bigger issue inside this Texas subdivision.

While residents enjoy wildlife watching from the comfort of their homes, tensions are growing over legal bowhunting, and the unfortunate increasing incidences of poaching.

In scenarios where anti-hunting sentiments are in play, it’s important to draw a distinction between hunters and poachers.

In the case of the Ridge Lakes and Montgomery Trace subdivisions outside Houston, Texas, those lines are being blurred. Find out more in this news story from

Can you see how the non-hunting public could develop an unfavorable view of bowhunters based on this piece? There were two distinct issues that for some reason were shoe-horned into one story.

The first issue was that some subdivision residents were disturbed at the sight of wounded deer from legal bowhunting activities. They interviewed Ranae Randolph who said, “It’s just like, ‘Why are you doing this to begin with?’ This is crazy. These animals aren’t hurting anybody.” Ranae suggests bowhunters hunt someplace else, but in the process makes herself sound like someone who would be against any type of deer hunting regardless of where it occurs.

Residents against bowhunting in their subdivision (while admittedly a weak news story) is an issue unto itself. The shoe-horning happens next in the transition to night time poachers shooting deer from the road. Poaching is an illegal activity no matter what the rules of a particular subdivision may be. The people doing that are not bowhunters; they are thieves with archery equipment.

These subdivisions have the right to decide if they want to continue allowing bowhunting. They cannot however lump bowhunters and poachers into the same category.


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Houston Area Subdivisions are Attracting Deer, and Poachers