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5 Household Items You Can Use from the Mrs. for the Hunt

Many household items can be repurposed to be used while hunting.

Here are 5 items that make the cut, but just don’t tell your wife we told you so!

1. Tupperware

Oh, the mighty waterproof Tupperware container! They are waterproof, lightweight and come in a large selection of sizes. Whether trying to keep a box of .22 cartridges dry, or keeping extra hunting clothes dry in case you fall in the river, these American-made products are up to the challenge.



2. The FoodSaver

This product not only seals out bacteria and air to keep food fresh in the freezer. Seal up your extra ammunition, clothing, food snacks, survival gear, and just about anything you can squeeze into those bags.

Once sealed, no water will get inside and also your gear will take up less space due to the air being withdrawn from the package. The ideas are almost endless with this one, fellow hunters!



3. Yarn

Yep, you heard that one right. Brightly-colored yarn is excellent for marking spots in the woods that you want to remember, but not advertise to the whole world that orange survey tape might do.

Also, it works great in a pinch for tying something up such as branches on a hunting blind or an improvised sling when you find those big deer sheds to haul out of the woods. It is a multiple-use item and cheap too. Time to raid the wife’s sewing supplies!

Red Heart


4. Avon Skin So Soft Body Oil

My wife sold Avon for many years and this product was a big hit with outdoorsmen to keep bugs off while outdoors. It also keeps the skin healthy and happy. Win-win situation!



5. Fiskars Scissors (with serrated edges)

Swiped from her sewing machine table, these tough serrated scissors cut off small game legs and dove wings that would quickly dull my fine hunting knives. Move quickly, and make sure you clean them afterwards to avoid certain wrath!


Many items around the house will do double-duty for hunting-related tools in a pinch. We hope this has opened your eyes to the possible opportunities at your fingertips!

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5 Household Items You Can Use from the Mrs. for the Hunt