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What if Your Hot Tub Was INSIDE Your Hammock? [VIDEO]

Facebook/Hydro Hammock

This is either the most ridiculous or the most genius Kickstarter campaign we've seen.

With camping and outdoor adventures trending towards a more "homey" accommodation compared to their hardy beginnings, it was only a matter of time before that buddy of yours who brought everything but the kitchen sink, really did bring everything.

Including this:

The hot tub hammock could be the greatest camping innovation since cordura, making your Labor Day camp site the talk of the mountain. Or, its sheer ridiculousness could generate more laughter than a Joey Diaz special.

The Kickstarter campaign has already generated more than $12,000 suggesting that there is at least a minimal demand for the finer things in life while "roughing it" in the woods.

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What if Your Hot Tub Was INSIDE Your Hammock? [VIDEO]