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Hospice Workers Take Forest Ranger to the Woods One Last Time

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This retired forest ranger, confined to hospice, had one last wish to see the woods that he loves. His hospice workers made this last wish possible.

Ed had been a forest ranger in his younger years, and like many of us, lived to be in the great outdoors. His last wish was to get back to the outdoors that he loves so much, and a group of volunteers from Evergreen Health Hospice made his last wish come true.

Living in an adult family home, he asked Chaplain Curt Huber of the Evergreen Health Hospice if he could be taken outdoors one last time.

The local fire department helped, and with the aid of this team, Ed once again was on the trails of the woods that he loves. From his ambulance gurney, Ed was taken down the wooded trails and the participants brought the forest scents to Ed by touching the plants and bringing those sweet smells close to Ed’s nose where he could enjoy and cherish them.

 Ed was delighted. So were all the professionals who accompanied him. People sometimes think that working in hospice care is depressing. This story demonstrates the depths of the rewards that caring for the dying can bring.

A special thanks goes to those volunteers that got Ed out to the woods that he loves and helping him make his final wish a reality.


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Hospice Workers Take Forest Ranger to the Woods One Last Time