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Horseback Archery: Do You Have a Need for Speed?

If you think the the old ways of horseback archery are dead, think again.

We live in a world changing fast. So fast at times it seems we have almost lost our identity. Think about how different your life is from your grandparents, or if you have kids, how different their childhood will be than that of your parents. It's almost unnerving how frighteningly fast things have changed.

That being said, a few people are torch bearers for traditions of the past. One such person is a young Japanese man who has devoted himself to the traditions of his people.

This unique archery experience has to rank up there as one of the coolest ways to shoot a bow flat out. Not only do you get the beauty of the bow and the challenge of that, but you combine that with the power and grace of a galloping horse. What's not to love?

Not only does horseback archery provide excitement and awe, the ceremony brings to light the importance of tradition. After watching this clip, maybe we can get an image of what it looked like to see a charging Comanche racing across the plains. We can also witness one of the most versatile hunting vehicles in world history in action; the horse.

In a world changing so fast it's gratifying to know people are still investing their time and energy into activities that do more than pay the bills, they satisfy the soul. I'm sure that why many readers pick up a bow, hone their shooting skills, cast a line, or head to the wilderness. It's in our blood and it's who we are.

So I give a tip of the hat to those out there who are still soldiering on and preserving the history and thrill of horseback archery.


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Horseback Archery: Do You Have a Need for Speed?