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Horse Sense: Tips for Handling and Hunting with Horses

Whether you have an opportunity to hunt with horses or not, knowing some horse handling basics automatically makes you cooler than the other hunters at camp.

It’s the dream of many hunters – myself included – to do an extended Western hunt into the backcountry using pack horses. It’s a bucket-list hunting experience, no doubt about it.

Clay Hayes is just the man to teach a little horse sense to those of us who are eager but ignorant greenhorns.

This is a great introduction to the simple but important knowledge of how to move around horses which, as he indicates, are big and powerful animals. His easygoing style and obvious expertise with the subject had me watching this video a number of times, and daydreaming even more about that bucket list hunt.

I’m hoping that Hayes does at least one or two succeeding videos on the subject of handling and hunting with horses. It would be great to go over subjects like how to pack horses, handle them on the trail, care for them at camp, and so on.

Hayes is an accomplished traditional bowhunter, wilderness skills expert and videographer. Check out his outstanding self-produced film “Untamed” at the link below. It is, in the opinion of many, the finest film on the heart and ethics of bowhunting you’ll see anywhere.

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Horse Sense: Tips for Handling and Hunting with Horses