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Horrific Hunting Accident Caught On Tape [VIDEO]


One hunting accident could turn a fun outing into a nightmare.

Any hunting accident will  have a huge impact on everyone involved. Nothing can end a love for something like taking a life from not being safe.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation there were 600 accidental shooting deaths in 2012. This is still on the decline from 762 in 2002. Although the number is dropping it is still high and needs to be zero.

In this video you see how one little slip up with a loaded firearm can end in tragedy.

WARNING: This video contains sensitive images.


This video does an impressive job of teaching everyone a lesson about gun safety. I believe anyone who is getting into hunting should be shown this video as a training tool.

This especially applies to younger hunters. It is a great way to show them what the outcome could be for themselves or others if firearm safety is not taken seriously.

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Horrific Hunting Accident Caught On Tape [VIDEO]