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More Horrific Footage of Florida’s Water Crisis

Recent footage of Florida’s water crisis shows an incredible amount of dead puffer fish, flounder, and stingrays. 

The current situation involving Florida’s water crisis is almost too much to bare. Thousands of acres of pristine grass flats and estuaries around the state have been hit hard by polluted runoff and horrible algae blooms all year long.

I have written on this issue multiple times and am always amazed with the lack of action by elected officials in Florida.

Many thanks to the folks at Balance for Earth for putting this video out there.

While there are numerous activist groups, like Captain’s for Clean Water, out there shouting for help and demanding action, very little response has been seen.

To find out more about the history of what is taking place in Florida, be sure to check out and like their page on Facebook.

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More Horrific Footage of Florida’s Water Crisis