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Horrible Taurus Pistol Malfunction Getting Manufacturer in Deep Trouble

faulty taurus pt 24/7

Watch this Taurus pistol malfunction in a terrible, and potentially deadly, manner. 

Taurus pistols have been the subject of debate for years. Some maintain they are a great value, while others hold that they are cheap, South American junk.

As seen in the video (skip to around 1:00 to see for yourself), this Taurus PT 24/7 pistol fires several times without the shooter ever touching the trigger. He simply shakes the gun (and not even that hard!), and it fires.

This kind of faulty manufacturing could cost lives, and allegedly, it already has. A man in Alabama has filed suit against Taurus, claiming his pistol fired without him ever touching the trigger, killing his 11-year-old son.

[Side note: NEVER point a gun at anything you can't afford to shoot! Even if your finger is clear of the trigger. This heartbreaking accident should never have happened, faulty gun or not.]

The tragic story is made believable after watching this video.

Taurus has recently been the target of other lawsuits, voluntarily recalling a million pistols.

I've never owned one, and after seeing this Taurus pistol malfunction on video, I'm not inclined to try one anytime soon.


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Horrible Taurus Pistol Malfunction Getting Manufacturer in Deep Trouble