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Hornady Releases 2016 Product Lineup With Improved Heat Shield

It’s coming. The Heat Shield Tip. Prepare yourselves.

The 2016 Heat Shield Tip will be released in this year’s line of products.

This new tip is from a stronger polymer, making it more heat resistant for a longer time period, leaving a consistent bullet shape from the factory all the way until impact.

According to a ballistics engineer for Hornady, their plastic tips, along with others, have been melting at high temperatures during flight-created problems. “The ballistic coefficient increases and the aerodynamic drag increases,” basically meaning that bullets with deformed and never-uniform tips are less accurate and do less damage.

The ELD Match line came about basically as a “by-product” according to the engineers at Hornady. It would only make sense they would carry over their Heat Shield Tip into this line of bullets and that’s exactly what they did.

Every bullet is identical down to the millimeter with this new technology, and Hornady claims this will change the game forever.

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Hornady Releases 2016 Product Lineup With Improved Heat Shield