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Hornady Pays Employees $61K in Bonuses All in $2 Bills

Employees at Hornady Manufacturing in Grand Island, Neb. received something special in their paychecks last week.

The ammunition and loading parts manufacturer paid out $61,000 in bonuses - all in $2 bills - to its employees.

Jason Hornady, vice president of Hornady Manufacturing, said the decision was based on a complaint from the City Council that the company wasn't helping the local economy.

"Two years ago, we caught a lot of flack from the city council and some people in the city of Grand Island for how we don't support the community and we don't do things around here, which we disagreed with," Hornady told 

After hearing the complaints, the company decided to issue employee bonuses in $1 coins with instructions to spend the money around Grand Island.

In 2013, Hornady switched to giving out $2 bills instead of the coins.

"We gave out $48,000 worth of $2 bills and asked our employees to spend that money in town, and if people look at you funny, tell them where you work, and we think that they will notice," said Hornady. 

Hornady said he's proud to have his company in Nebraska, and proud to be part of the Grand Island community.

The company began in 1949 as a maker of 30 caliber bullets. Today, it employs more than 300 people and make a wide range of ammunition and loading parts for firearms.

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Hornady Pays Employees $61K in Bonuses All in $2 Bills