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Hopatcong Police in New Jersey Free Trapped Deer [VIDEO]

Deer get caught often enough, this one was lucky enough to get a little help.

Three members of the Hopatcong police force, Gerald Mancuso, David Kraus and Vincent Fullman, helped free this deer who apparently got stuck while jumping a neighborhood fence.

"It isn't known how long the deer had been there. He had worn away all the fur on the back of his leg," Lt. Thomas Kmetz said in a Facebook post. "We did see him walking up a hill after he was freed and though bruised he was not limping."

This was quite the operation; the deer really got his leg stuck in the metal gate, contorting itself to hang from its limb. It could not have been very comfortable hanging from its leg like that. The police ended up have to cut through the decorative metal on the top of the fence.

Luckily, the deer didn't snap its leg trying to free itself. It ran off looking unharmed when the police pulled the leg out. The deer did manage to leave behind some skin and hair in the fence, though.

"Looks like a nice chunk of him in there."


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Hopatcong Police in New Jersey Free Trapped Deer [VIDEO]