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Hoot Owl Restrictions in Effect for Southwest Montana Rivers [VIDEO]

Unusually warm weather prompts hoot owl restrictions on several southwest Montana rivers.

In response to low river flow and high temperatures in parts of the Treasure State, Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks officials began enforcing hoot owl restrictions.

Hoot owl restrictions mean fishing is not allowed from 2:00 p.m. to midnight on specified rivers. Applicable waterways include the Lower Madison, East Gallatin, Lower Gallatin, Ruby, Beaverhead, and Shields Rivers.

Gallatin River Ranch employee Peter Holman told reporters, “We’ve had previously 10 days of extremely hot temperatures and with low waters, low snowpack here. Temperatures are certainly going to rise up to critical levels.”

“I think most fishermen want to protect their resource, so knowing that temperatures are at a critical level later in the afternoon when the sun is high, everyone is most agreeable with that and knowing that you just have to get up earlier to go fishing,” said Holman.

The hoot owl restrictions will remain in place until current weather conditions change.

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Image via NBCMontana

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Hoot Owl Restrictions in Effect for Southwest Montana Rivers [VIDEO]