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Hoosiers to Vote on Right to Hunt and Fish in 2016

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The right to hunt and fish is on the ballot during the next election cycle in the Hoosier state. 

Soon, hunting and fishing won’t just be a pastime for Indiana residents; after 2016, it will be a constitutional right. That is, if the hunting and fishing crowd have anything to say about it. Recently, hunting and fishing have been under attack by multiple anti groups trying to ban these activities as cruel or inhumane, but just next year, a vote by the people will decide the fate of this hunting/fishing bill, or Joint Resolution 2.

On Tuesday, April 21, the Indiana House voted in favor of Joint Resolution 2 by a margin of 81-12. This bill already passed the senate in a similar majority vote favor. However, there are those that are against it. Rep. Matt Pierce, D-Bloomington, just doesn’t understand the necessity of such a bill. Hunting and fishing already have large public support in Indiana.

“I’m trying to figure out what kind of problem we’re trying to solve here,” said Pierce.

Then again, according to this article in the Indy Star, supporters, like the bill sponsor, Rep. Sean Eberhart, R-Shelbyville, want to pass a bill that ensures Hoosiers will always be able to hunt and fish and stop anti groups in their tracks, just like other states that have passed similar resolutions.

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Hoosiers to Vote on Right to Hunt and Fish in 2016