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The Hoofed Intruder: Michigan Deer Breaks into a Home [VIDEO]

This Michigan deer is a very unwelcome house guest. 

In a pretty crazy video, a Michigan deer was caught on tape being forcibly escorted out of a house by a firefighter and a police officer.

Check out the moment when the deer finally gets outside.

The woman who owns the house came to the North Muskegon fire department and reported the breaking and entering. It was at that moment that civil servants sprung into action to save the home owner from further distress, as well as saving the deer.

There were only minor injuries to the deer in this video and no humans were hurt either. It may have not ended so well for the deer though.

“Of course, they were asking if we wanted to shoot it,” said Steve Lague, chief of the North Muskegon Fire Department. “…And we thought, ‘If it’s upstairs and we can coax it downstairs, it’s gonna run out and go towards the watershed, and we’ll be fine.'”

Luckily, that is exactly what happened with the help of a little teamwork and corralling.

If you ever find yourself in a situation like this, remember that cushions and chairs are great at coaxing deer downstairs.

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The Hoofed Intruder: Michigan Deer Breaks into a Home [VIDEO]