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Honey, I Think There’s a Lynx in the Yard

You think your snooping neighbor is bad, try this little sneaky animal. 

Some folks have to deal with stray dogs and cats roaming into their yards. Others occasionally have a deer show up to nibble on their shrubs. For one family in Alaska, their visitor was a bit more unique.

If you want to see a lynx sauntering through your backyard, odds are you will likely have to move to the North Country.

Lynx are most at home in the northern forests of Canada and Alaska, however there are lynx documented in lower states such as Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, and Colorado.

These efficient predators survive by eating all kinds of small game, and have such amazing eyesight they are reported to be able to see mice from 80 yards away.

These solitary creatures typically move more at night and avoid humans. You have to wonder whether food, curiosity, or just circumstance prompted this cat to move through this fellow’s backyard. Maybe just taking a stroll through the neighborhood.



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Honey, I Think There’s a Lynx in the Yard