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Pro Diver Befriends Honey the Eel [VIDEO]

An unlikely underwater bond bloomed between an ocean expert and a moray eel.

Valerie Taylor and her husband Ron are renowned Australian shark experts, professional divers, and cinematographers.

But one of their most remarkable experiences involved Valerie and Honey the moray eel.

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Valerie first met Honey in 1974, and the bond lasted for a long time. We've heard of wild dolphins and other animals developing relationships like this with humans, but this moray eel in Banda Island, Indonesia is a first.

Hearing this quote, as simple as it is, really resonated: "There's no doubt in my mind that... that eel really likes me," Valerie said in the clip.

The couple spent a good portion of their lives exploring, studying and diving in the oceans across the globe, and even served as Hollywood consultants for films like Jaws and The Blue Lagoon.

Ron has since passed away, and Valerie doesn't spend much time in the water these days, but we're pretty certain she'll never forget Honey the moray eel. Anyone who's seen this clip likely won't forget it either.

What other human-animal bonds have you seen? Any stranger than this?


Video uploaded to YouTube by Kate Woodcock is running London Marathon 2009

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Pro Diver Befriends Honey the Eel [VIDEO]