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Honey Bee the Blind Cat Goes Hiking [VIDEO]

Honey Bee may be a blind cat, but that hasn't stopped her from going on a mission to explore the smells and sounds around her.

Taking your cat for a hike is not an ordinary occurrence, but then, Honey Bee is no ordinary cat.

Honey Bee is a blind rescue cat from Fiji, but despite her disability, it doesn't stop her from exploring the world around her while hiking with her owners.

In this video, Honey Bee is on a hike to Mason Lake, just outside of Seattle, led by her patient owners and a cat harness.

Watch this extraordinary cat tentatively explore the undergrowth around her.

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After all that hiking and exploring, Honey Bee then curls up inside a pet sling for a well-deserved cat nap.

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Honey Bee the Blind Cat Goes Hiking [VIDEO]