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The Boobie Jig: Homemade Timberwookie Ice Fishing Jigs [VIDEO]

There are numerous ice fishing jigs on the market today, but this video shows the awesomeness of the Timberwookie homemade ice fishing jig collection. 

Ice fishing jigs bring that extra flash of color to any bait setup, but the ones featured in this video will blow your mind.

Check out the homemade ice fishing jigs hand-crafted by designer Timberwookie in this sweet video.


All of the ice fishing jigs in this video were homemade by the artist Timberwookie, who molded and painted every single jig. Every variety of Timberwookie ice fishing jigs are glow-in-the-dark and will work well in the spring and fall.

You’ve had a look at several kinds of ice fishing jigs: The Gobstopper, Skittles, Sea Cucumber, Plankton, and The Boobie Jig. It’s time to pick a favorite.

Anyone who doesn’t answer The Boobie Jig,  better watch the video again.

More products from Timberwookie and Box Of Rain, here.

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The Boobie Jig: Homemade Timberwookie Ice Fishing Jigs [VIDEO]