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Homemade Scent Killer That Actually Works

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Finally, a DIY scent killer that actually works. 

Scent control is a big deal these days for us whitetail hunters. It also makes big bucks for the retail hunting industry.

I have found a great recipe for a homemade scent killer THAT WORKS! I have been using this formula for two seasons now and have had deer directly underneath my stand that never even tried to wind me. This is proof that the animal is smelling nothing out of the ordinary.

Also, this is very inexpensive to make for a lot more than what you can buy in the store for the same price.

Homemade Sent Killer

  • 16 oz.. (2 cups) Peroxide (3%)
  • 16 oz. (2 cups) Distilled Water
  • 1/4 cup baking soda
  • 1 oz. unscented shampoo (a good choice is H&S Scent-A-Way… the green stuff)

Mix in a large bowl (don’t shake up in milk jug) so the baking soda dissolves. Once it’s dissolved you can pour it into a milk jug.

Let sit for several days, so the chemical reaction settles down. During that time don’t snap the cap on tight or shake the milk jug; it could explode.

After mine has brewed, I use the old scent bottles that I had laying around to apply it. Just before heading into the woods I spray down and then again when I get to the stand. This serves two purposes. One, I am eliminating any scent that the first round did not get and two, I am checking the wind with it as I spray.

All in all, this is a great scent killer that works. Also you can use this to replace those pricey wipes that they are selling now.

Scent Wipes

To make scent-killing wipes, place plain brown multifold paper towels—the kind that come in stacks, not on a roll—in a small plastic tub with an airtight lid. Cover them with scent killer and let it soak in. Pour out excess liquid and replace the lid. Now you can wipe down boots, bows, and stands, and even use a towel or two to neutralize the sweat you produce shimmying up that perfect white oak.

I hope that you guys find this as helpful as I have, now with the money you have saved you can buy some ammo!

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Homemade Scent Killer That Actually Works