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Homemade Fishing Lures From Dip Cans Put to the Test


You can rig up fishing lures in a pinch from a number of resources, but what about dip cans?

People often come up with crazy fishing lures of their own design. They tend to be made from some outlandish materials, but a lot of times they still find some success with them. How well would lures made from dip cans entice bass though?

The infamous YouTuber and angler LakeForkGuy decided to put it to the test. He and a buddy rigged up a few options made from the golden lids of a few cans. Their best being the “Coperado” spinnerbait, which they swapped the spinners with dip can replacements.

Check it out and see how they did.

This just goes to show you with a little ingenuity that you really can make a lot of things work as fishing lures. While it took a little tinkering in the beginning to get the blades to spin any, they eventually got it down.

While things like this can be fun to play around with they also serve another purpose. In a survival situation the ability to make things out of trash, like dip can fishing lures, can be a huge benefit.

So next time your bored or while you holed up for the winter make a few homemade lures. Challenge yourself by using things you have lying around. You may just surprise yourself with what you can come up with.

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Homemade Fishing Lures From Dip Cans Put to the Test