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Homemade Deer Repellents to Keep Deer out of Your Garden

Are deer getting into your crops? Try some of these homemade deer repellents to keep them from coming back.

Believe it or not, not everyone wants deer walking around their property. Most people especially don’t want deer intruding into their gardens and eating their plants. Fear not, here are some harmless homemade deer repellent recipes to keep those pesky deer out of your loot.


This simple recipe makes 1 gallon of spray.

Beat 1 egg in 1 cup of water and sieve to get out white strings or clumps. Add to a gallon jug, you might also want to consider marking your bottle—so no one drinks it.

Once your concoction is in the jug add:

  • 1 tablespoon of dish soap
  • 1 tablespoon of cooking oil
  • 1/2 cup milk

Fill jug partially with water, shake to mix, finish filling gallon jug with water. Once all of this is combined, refrigerate.

WARNING: This recipe might get smelly. When you’re ready to put it to use, fill a spray bottle and spray your plants. Don’t spray on anything you plan on eating. Also remember to re-spray after every heavy rainfall.

After a few attempts at getting back in your garden, the deer will get the hint and quit coming.

Hair Packets

Sounds gross but they’re effective.

  • 1 yard of old sheets, preferably cotton
  • 1/4 cup bloodmeal
  • 1 cup of hair clippings

Cut the fabric into small 4-inch squares. Mix the bloodmeal and hair together and place about a tablespoon onto the center of each square.

Bring up the ends and secure with a string or rubber band. Hang these little packets from the branches of the trees and shrubs.

 Mothballs or Soap

My mom’s favorite deer repellent has always been mothballs. Simply place the mothballs around your garden—this is a great way to keep out not just deer, but other pesky critters like skunks or rabbits.

Another simple trick that doesn’t involve a recipe is soap. Drill a hole in a bar of soap and hang it with fishing line. Hang one bar from each small tree on your property or three feet apart on every large tree.

Hopefully these methods will keep the deer out of your garden and get them back into the woods!

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Homemade Deer Repellents to Keep Deer out of Your Garden