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Home Decor: Wild Game as Decoration

Decorating your home with trophies from your big game hunts can be an appealing prospect, especially if you've seen wild game decorations that have intrigued you in the past. And indeed, wild game decor, when done correctly, can add a rustic, natural look to your living room.

However, if done poorly - or if overdone - wild game decoration can easily miss the exit to classy and drive straight on toward insane or creepy.

Plastering your wall with the head of every animal you have ever killed will paint you, even to likeminded hunting enthusiasts, as a little on the gluttonous side.

At the same time, mounting the biggest buck you've ever killed above your fireplace, surrounded with a color palette that compliments the natural aesthetic of the wild game, can add personality and hominess to any room. Just know first and foremost that, when it comes to wild game as decoration, less is often more.

One of the most important steps to successful wild game decor in your home is finding the perfect taxidermist for the job. Taxidermists are usually not hard to find in the yellow pages, but finding a good, reputed professional who will preserve your kill the way you want it preserved will be more difficult.

If you have hunting friends in the area, ask for references as to who is the best taxidermist within a reasonable distance of your home. Sometimes, you might even consider driving a ways if it means employing the services of a taxidermist you can trust. Rest assured that, when it comes to finding the person to stuff and preserve your animals, it is better to be safe than sorry.

The next step for most will be to find a perfect mount for your animal. Keep in mind that different mounts fit different taxidermy projects.

For instance, if your trophy is a fox, you might want a mount that resembles a small rock formation and recreates an actual nature scene.

If you are simply mounting a deer head on your wall, you will just want a mount with a swath of high-quality wood that will be able to support your trophy while also complimenting the look of the rest of the room nicely. Color will vary depending on the buyer - light wood or dark wood, circular mount or diamond, etc. - just pick something that fits the room design you are shooting for.

While most hunters risk overkill when decorating a room with wild game, you also don't want to have too little decor. Wild game mounts are not subtle decorations: people will notice them and be thrown off if nothing else in the room belies the same rustic design.

Wild game decor does best in rooms with heavy wooden designs. For some, that will mean wood floors, walls, and ceiling beams; for others, it will mean a collection of wood furniture.

Throw a few fur blankets or rugs - either fake or genuine - over the backs of your couches and chairs to complete the rustic design and tie the room together.

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Home Decor: Wild Game as Decoration