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Home-Cooked Harvest: Balsamic Berry Venison [VIDEO]

Learn how to prepare balsamic berry venison and be a star at your next dinner party.

The "Sporting Chef" Scott Leysath knows a whole lot about preparing wild game for the table. In this video, aside from explaining a delicious recipe for balsamic berry venison, Scott gives tips on how to properly prepare venison and how to make the most out of some secondary cuts.

Watch the video and see if you can learn anything from this veteran wild game chef.

This balsamic berry venison recipe looks delicious.

Even if this recipe is not up your alley, some of Scott's tips in the video are universal to cooking venison or any other type of meat. Here's a quick recap:

  • Remove the silver skin and fat.
  • Let the meat come to room temperature before cooking.
  • After cooking, let the meat rest.
  • Cook venison medium rare.
  • Use a meat thermometer to determine when your meat is done.

Use these tips to help you prepare better venison this season, whether you choose to try the balsamic berry venison recipe or not.

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Home-Cooked Harvest: Balsamic Berry Venison [VIDEO]