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Holy Water: Rainbow, Brook, and Bull Trout in One Day [VIDEO]

Holy Water Rainbow Trout from the Humblefisherman

Holy water is the perfect description for a beautiful stream filled with even more beautiful fish.

The Humblefisherman is at it again. This time, he goes deep into the backcountry on the “Creek of Secrets at the base of No-tell Mountain.”

I think perhaps he doesn’t want us to know his location, wouldn’t you say?


It sounds like the perfect trout stream, and it gets even better when he catches a brookie, a rainbow trout, and then a big surprise late in the day.

Bull trout are elusive and protected to the point where it is illegal to fish for them in some parts of the U.S. However, the population of bull trout is alive and well in Alberta, Canada. The Humblefisherman caps off his awesome day on the water by nailing a surprise bull trout.

You know it’s a good day when even an experienced fisherman is surprised. From epic days on cutthroat streams to stripping streamers for bull trout, the Humblefisherman is always sure to entertain!

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Holy Water: Rainbow, Brook, and Bull Trout in One Day [VIDEO]