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‘Holy Sh*t! There’s an Octopus Eating a Crab!’ [VIDEO]

Wildlife can be pretty amazing. So amazing that only expletives can truly capitulate the experience. 

An Australian woman was tidepooling in Yallingup, Western Australia when she witnessed an octopus leap out of a pool onto an unsuspecting crab.

Language NSFW


This would be a surprising moment for anyone but I’m glad this woman reacted as she did. That is some raw amazement there.

How boring would this video have been if someone had either been filming in silence or calmly narrating?

This video seemingly went viral overnight, being published on Feb. 18 and already having 2,324,660 hits.

What a world, where an octopus having a meal can go viral. Nature rocks.

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‘Holy Sh*t! There’s an Octopus Eating a Crab!’ [VIDEO]