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Holy Shrapnel! Man Comes Inches From Losing His Head While Blowing Up a Truck


People like this are the reason it might become illegal for the general public to buy tannerite and explosives...

Talk about lucky. Lucky or stupid, whatever way you want to look at it. Tannerite and explosives can lead to a whole lot of fun, but they can lead to a disaster if not used with caution and care.

This guy may have a lot of experience with guns and tannerite, but this time, he made the mistake of being a tad bit close to this Ford while he shot it. And that mistake dang near cost him in a very bad way.

This guy comes inches from having the worst day of his life while shrapnel goes zipping past his face:

He seems calm, cool, and collected, but deep down inside, you know he is thinking, holy crap, I just got lucky there. Shooting explosives and tannerite is a great way to pass time with some friends, but be sure you run through all safety precautions before pulling the trigger.

Always shoot at a generously safe distance. Unfortunately, many injuries due to this kind of carelessness could someday lead to a ban on explosives for civilians.


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Holy Shrapnel! Man Comes Inches From Losing His Head While Blowing Up a Truck