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Holiday Shooting Fun with Julie Golob [VIDEO]

#whatsyour20 Julie Golob

Julie Golob is in the shooting holiday spirit with Federal Premium’s #whatsyour20. You should try it too!

Tired of always shooting the same targets when you head to the range? Mix it up! The holiday season is the perfect time to do that, and the Federal Premium #whatsyour20 challenge can help.

The challenge is part of a campaign to match you up with the perfect load for your needs. You simply use their load recommendation page to find the right product and then download one of their free #whatsyour20 targets, film your target practice, then share your target with the hashtag, #whatsyour20.

Check out Golob’s #whatsyour20 video for some holiday shooting fun.

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Golob shows us some awesome shooting with her M&P 15 in her #whatsyour20 video. Not only does she very easily put every shot inside her #whatsyour20 Christmas tree target, she also shoots the lights and ornaments off the string.

What a great idea for those burned-out Christmas lights.

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Holiday Shooting Fun with Julie Golob [VIDEO]