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Holiday Bowfishing Gift Guide [PICS]

The items in this holiday bowfishing gift guide will please bowfishing enthusiasts new and old.


With the holidays fast approaching and Black Friday coming up in mere days, most bowfishermen and women are probably thinking about their gift lists. You can count on the fact that their friends and families are thinking about them.

The 13 items in this slideshow should give you or your loved ones some unique ideas, or help you add a couple to that list for Santa.

Check out this slideshow for some unique bowfishing gift ideas.

1. Muzzy XD Bowfishing Reel

It doesn’t help to just shoot a fish. You need a quality reel to retrieve them that can withstand the stress a big fish can put on it. XD stands for “Xtreme Duty” – if that’s any indication.


2. Yellow Jacket Carbon Spined Arrow

Bowfishing arrows have to withstand some tough conditions, so it’s best to purchase a quality set. The carbon spine makes this arrow 65% stiffer than a regular fiberglass shaft.


3. Muzzy Carp-Point with Replaceable Tip

Along with arrow choice, quality broadheads are essential for consistent success. There are many different options (see slide number 11!). This two-barb broadhead has a replaceable hardened carp-tip.


4. 80-Watt Seelite True Warm LED Bowfishing Light

An 80-watt LED that puts out 60% more light than the already-impressive 50-watt version. With a waterproof housing and heavy-duty mounting bracket, this light is a great addition to help you see those carp or gar in murky backwaters.


5. Oneida Osprey Bowfishing Bow

For those with a bit more spending cash, or if Santa is feeling generous, a new bow is a wonderful present! This fast-drawing bow is great for quick snap shots that are often required in bowfishing. It comes in various colors to suit your taste, and with a right or left hand choice.


6. Tournament entry

If you like the tournament environment, this is a great and unique idea to keep on your bowfishing gift list. The Bowfishing Association of America lists sanctioned tournaments for various options.

7. Brownell Fast Flight Braided Bowfishing Line

At 200-lb test, this 100′ spool of braided line works well for most bowfishing opportunities (carp, gar, other rough fish), but may be on the weak side for gators or sharks. This is also the recommended line for the Oneida bow in number 5 above.


8. Offshore Angler 3-1/2” Handy Hook

Sometimes a bigger fish means you’re going to need a bigger boat…but a good gaffing hook helps too.


9. Costa Tuna Alley 580P Camo Polarized Sunglasses

A quality pair of polarized sunglasses will make your bowfishing life much easier. Reduce glare with blue or green lenses, and see more fish with this lifetime warranty pair.


10. Guided trip

The price of this gift idea will really depend on which destination you choose and species that you’re after. Regardless, it’s good practice to keep a couple options on your list, as you never know what might show up under the tree. Options could include Texas, Florida, Chesapeake Bay, and many others.

11. Spot-On Laser Bowfish Assassin Point

It’s tough to beat the novelty of this bowfishing point. Who doesn’t want to shoot with laser-guided, pin-point accuracy?

SALE $29.88

12. Death From Above Bowfishing T-Shirt

Consider it your jersey for you to represent your sport. Wear it with pride.

SALE $20.99

13. Gift cards

Though not as glamorous as the other items, gift cards are just as appreciated and ensure that they will get what they want. Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, Brownells, etc.

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Holiday Bowfishing Gift Guide [PICS]