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‘Hold It Tight!’ Little Girl Drops Live Crab in Dad’s Lap [VIDEO]

This little girl drops a live crab in her dad’s lap. You can only guess what happens next. 

You’ve got to have incredible patience to take kids fishing, and kids have to have incredible patience to go fishing. This dad out on the water crabbing with his daughter wanted to present her with an opportunity to participate by teaching her how to hold a crab.

Everything is done correctly, the exchange here is careful and calculated. She takes her time and the dad doesn’t let go until he knows for sure she’s got a good grip on the crab, until she doesn’t.

The crab has other plans, though. Handling and sorting crab is part of the crabbing experience. They don’t always want to be squeezed, and often struggle to free themelves, scurrying around the bottom of the boat, or in this case, in dad’s lap.

Her fingers lose their grip on the crustacean, creating panic and fear for dad, who is now the one scurrying to free himself from the grip of the crab. Handling a crab can be scary experience for the first time, you can’t blame this little girl for being scared.

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‘Hold It Tight!’ Little Girl Drops Live Crab in Dad’s Lap [VIDEO]