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5 Crazy Fish-Stealing Animals

Life's not easy if you're a fisherman: you get up before the sun, sit hopelessly in the boat for hours, and even if you picked a good spot, it's never guaranteed that you'll land a fish. Even if you are skilled (and lucky) enough to bring one in the boat, don't consider it a catch until you've got the trophy on record. Why? Because there's always an animal ready to snatch your fresh fish. When it comes between you and a hungry predator, let's be honest - you're going to lose that battle most of the time. While losing a catch to an animal may not be what you had in mind when you set out on the boat, you can at least go home with a legendary story to tell. What's even better is if you were able to catch some footage of it. We've compiled our favorite videos of fish-stealing animals:

1. Fish-Stealing Shark:

This shark was quite the shocker.

Video via YouTube

2. Fish-Stealing Whale:

This fisherman barely gets to enjoy his catch.

Video via YouTube

3. Fish-Stealing Sea Lion:

This angler wasn't even able to bring this one in the boat.

Video via YouTube

4. Fish-Stealing Bear:

Look at this bear running away from the scene of the crime.

Video via YouTube

5. Shark-Stealing Crocodile (Attempt Only!):

We wonder how long this croc was waiting to make the move!

Video via Youtube

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5 Crazy Fish-Stealing Animals