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When Hog Trapping Things Get Interesting Quickly [VIDEO]

In the art of wild hog trapping, there is little more than organized chaos.

This pen-style hog trap catches a big group of hogs, but they are quite fired up.

Watch as one big wild boar goes right through the fence and on to freedom, and the pandemonium it causes.

Wild hog trapping is not for the faint of hearted. A big wild hog can tear you open just like a machete could.

These trapped wild hogs are contained inside a large fenced-in area. Once the trappers show up, the hogs panic. One large wild hog actually runs into the fence hard enough to blow a hole right through it.

Incredibly this huge hog just keeps on going right through the hole and on to freedom in the Great Hog Escape of 2012.

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When Hog Trapping Things Get Interesting Quickly [VIDEO]