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Is this Hog Trap the Real Future of Wild Pig Trapping?

Take a gander at this new high tech hog trap. Could it be the breakthrough hog trappers have been waiting for?

The population explosion of wild hogs has been extensively discussed amongst biologists and over morning coffee across the nation. Everyone knows they are a problem in certain areas, and everyone knows they cause significant damage to crops and habitat for deer and other species. What folks don’t necessarily know is how to deal with them.

Hog hunting has gained widespread popularity and is a major industry in some southern states. In fact some hunters have made a living trying to eradicate the species. People have hunted them, shot them from helicopters, and trapped them to their heart’s content to little or no avail. Hog populations continue to increase.

One organization believes they may have a hog trap that will finally control hog populations once and for all. Meet the BoarBuster.

This high tech hog trap appears to be extremely capable of catching hogs. At first glance there are several noticeable features that make it appealing.

For starters the potential to activate the trap from a phone could mean big trouble for hogs everywhere. I’m sure there are more than a few folks with a hog problem that wouldn’t mind nabbing a whole sounder from the comfort of their Lazy Boy.

By linking it to a phone it also makes the hog trap a viable tool for people who aren’t necessarily hog trappers. In other words, a person who doesn’t have the time to dedicate extensive time checking, baiting, and otherwise tinkering with traps can go about their daily business and still manage to catch some hogs.

Secondly the BoarBuster hog trap appears to be on the right track with the overhead drop system they’ve developed. Hogs have earned a reputation as a critter that is tough to trap, and double so after they’ve been exposed to traps. As mentioned in the video, a hog trap like this should eliminate the education of older hogs.

One drawback to the project has to be cost. On the BoarBuster website, the system retails for $5,995 plus a few extras. There is also additional expense to have your phone operate the trap. While the ability to operate it on a phone may open it up to landowners looking to manage their property’s hog population, the cost may make it more popular among professional trappers.

The BoarBuster has a variety of advantages that hold the potential to really change the hog trapping world. As with all new technology, it will be interesting to see how its application unfolds in the real world.

What are your thoughts on the BoarBuster hog trap? Will it be an effective management tool or a high tech gimmick?

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Is this Hog Trap the Real Future of Wild Pig Trapping?