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Texas Hog Hunter Launches Attack from Moving Truck


When hogs become a serious problem, you do whatever’s necessary to stop them. This hog hunter did just that.

In the state of Texas, feral hogs have become such a problem that there is technically no closed season for eliminating these overpopulated nuisances and hunting them from a motor vehicle is allowed as long as you’re within the boundaries of private property. Some people prefer to trap them, others prefer to hunt them over bait.

This hog hunter has his own method of eliminating these critters, and it works.

Nice work TexasNative00, that’s how to take down some hogs.

The .300 Blackout is one perfect caliber when it comes to hog hunting. When shot with a suppressor, the .300 Blackout is practically whisper quiet. If you’re also serious about hog hunting, then take a look at Remington’s Hog Hammer ammunition, which as the name suggests does a number on even the biggest hogs. Available in seven of the most popular hog hunting calibers, Remington’s Hog Hammer will help you get the job done, every time.

Remington, Hog Hammer
Midway USA/Remington

So head out there, Texans, and nail some hogs!


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Texas Hog Hunter Launches Attack from Moving Truck