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Hog Control 101 Courtesy of Double G Hog Control

Hog Control 101 Courtesy Of Double G Hog Control

These feral hogs in Louisiana were on the wrong end of a lesson in Hog Control 101.

The guys at Double G Hog Control are at it once again. They’ve spent the last few years dealing with problem hogs in central Louisiana and, not surprisingly, they’re among the most experienced hog control experts around. Today’s video shows them teaching a couple hog sounders a lesson in Hog Control 101.

Remember: this is not supposed to be fair chase hunting. It is pest control plain and simple and they take great pains to recover all hog carcasses and fully utilize all of the meat from hogs that they shoot.

Just in case you were wondering, Double G Hog Control has removed over 1,500 hogs to date.

Nice job guys! Keep up the good work in the war on feral hogs.

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Hog Control 101 Courtesy of Double G Hog Control