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Hobie Pushes the Envelope with the New Mirage Eclipse SUP

Hobie makes a habit of challenging the status quo in the water sports industry. This time is no different with the new Mirage Eclipse Stand Up Paddle Board.

Hobie enjoys being the first to do things. They were the first with foot propelled kayaks and now they have brought a new innovation to the forefront with the Mirage Eclipse.

You attach your handle bars, which come complete with hand grip controlled directional aides, and step on and go.

The new Hobie Mirage Eclipse comes in two lengths: 10 1/2 feet and 12 feet. Both are fairly light weight coming in at 54 pounds and 59 pounds respectively. One thing to consider when looking at getting one of these SUPs is the weight capacity. The 10 1/2-foot SUP holds up to 225 pounds while the 12-foot SUP holds up to 275 pounds.

It is also important to remember that these are basically stair machines on the water. They do not come with a paddle to use in case your legs are tired so you’ll want to figure out a way to rig one yourself.

This is more of a board for fitness enthusiasts instead of the casual paddler, but promises to be a fun time on smooth waters. One thing is for sure, you’ll want to try one when you see it.



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Hobie Pushes the Envelope with the New Mirage Eclipse SUP