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Hobie Kayak Pro Angler 14 Dealer Run-Thru [VIDEO]

Thinking about a Hobie Kayak to expand your fishing opportunities? 

Watch this video to get the low-down on why Hobie is the leader in fishing kayaks.

Gene Jensen, aka Flukemaster, is picking up a loaner boat from Hobie. Jensen took the opportunity to have the dealer give him and his viewers a thorough run-through on all the cool features of the Hobie Pro Angler 14.

Of special interest is the fin propulsion system and a couple of the variations offered by Hobie.

This video serves as a bookend to Jensen’s own walk-around of his Hobie and the add-ons he installed to meet his own fishing demands. Watch that video here.

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Hobie Kayak Pro Angler 14 Dealer Run-Thru [VIDEO]