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Hobby Gunmaker Converts Staple Gun into Real Gun [VIDEO]

A hobbyist turned a staple gun into a real gun that shoots .410 shells.

At some point during your childhood, you probably picked up a staple gun and pretended it was a real gun. Maybe you made believe it was a Colt Single Action Army, or perhaps you made some “pew pew” laser gun sound effects with it. Hobbyist Clint Westwood took that make-believe scenario one step further – whether or not that was his intention – with this DIY project for the ages.

Westwood converted a staple gun into a functioning gun that shoots .410 shells, the smallest gauge of shotgun shells. Westwood’s staple-gun derivative, dubbed “The Caulkinator,” even has a laser sight. “It’s big and ugly and heavy and cartoonish and makes a loud boom. Too much fun,” Westwood wrote in the video description.

Now watch it go boom.

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Hobby Gunmaker Converts Staple Gun into Real Gun [VIDEO]