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Hit 500 Yards with This Basic Rifle Setup and Tutorial

The AR15 rifle has so many options for upgrades today that it’s easy to get confused on how to get a solid, reliable rifle set up.

Reid demonstrates a solid platform configuration that can have you hitting 500 yard targets in the least amount of time possible using a basic AR-15 platform, proving the simplest rifles are usually the most effective.

He starts with the buttstock as the first point of reference for his rifle. He addresses structural rigidity using an older A2 rifle stock so that he can keep the rifle at a fixed length and also so he can help clear stoppages if they happen. Considering that the rifle stock is fixed, you can always be certain that the rifle will seat at the same length with the same distance for your hands every time. Adjustable carbine stocks sometimes can be left at different lengths and could throw off a shooter when quickly presenting their rifle at the target.

Reid also discusses the advantage of using the 20-inch barrel. The .223 Rem round was designed to fired out of a full 20-inch barrel. The maximum velocity is achieved when the cartridge has enough distance inside the barrel to gain enough velocity with proper burn time. Your .223 rounds can reach speeds of 3300 feet per second.

The rifle shown has a full length gas rod that helps with proper gas expulsion and proper pressure to move the bolt to the rear to complete the cycle of operation appropriately. Some rifles begin to have issues with proper gas pressures as the gas tube gets shorter for smaller carbines.

Next, Reid covers the old school regular hand guards for the rifle. Reid addresses that there is really no need to have expensive hand guards or rails on the rifle just so that you can install accessories on them that you may not have. Reid’s rifle is basic and effective. One good optic, with a good white and IR light, and a rear iron sight for emergencies.

The simplest rifles are usually the most effective. Shooters have a lot to think about when engaging targets and the lighter and easier the rifle is to use the better off they will be in the long run. Stay vigilant and keep training. Dry fire training will take you further on technique than any other type of training will.

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Hit 500 Yards with This Basic Rifle Setup and Tutorial