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History of Split Bamboo Fishing Rods [VIDEO]


Even if you’ve never fished with a split bamboo rod, you will want to check out how they are made. It is an amazing piece of work that you have to admire.

Split bamboo rods are not as common as they once were and that is simply because they are too difficult to make. The big companies can’t find a way to successfully produce a split bamboo fly fishing rod and still turn a profit. So, like many things of yesteryear, they have fallen from production.

But thankfully, there are still those who know how to craft one of these fine rods. Check out this clip from “How It’s Made,” showing how to go from a bamboo shoot to a split bamboo fly rod.

Believe it or not, this is actually one of the more automated processes of creating a split bamboo fly rod. Many rod makers spend many more hours working each piece of wood by hand and do all of the tying and gluing without the help of machines.

Whether you own one or not, you should at least respect the effort of those who are able to build these working pieces of art.

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History of Split Bamboo Fishing Rods [VIDEO]