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The History of the American Wild Turkey with Steven Rinella

Here’s a chance to learn about the history of American wild turkey.

Let the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership, with Steven Rinella, walk you through a history of American wild turkey. It is an interesting overview of a game bird we all love to hunt and a conservation success story driven by hunters.

What was an important game bird for early North American settler’s survival was almost wiped out by overhunting and unrestricted market hunting practices in the Eastern U.S. and Canada. Thanks to the conservation efforts of biologists and sportsmen, turkey now stand at an estimated population of over 7 million.

This success story is in large part due to hunters like you and me, whose resources, volunteer time, and dedication has seen turkey make a remarkable comeback.

The successful reintroduction of turkey, supported by conservation efforts and sportsmen, is now evident almost every time one drives the back roads or heads afield. Chances are you will see this game bird in large numbers doing what they have done for generations.


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The History of the American Wild Turkey with Steven Rinella