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How Does a Hipster Shoot a .500 S&W? Not Very Well [VIDEO]

What happens with this hipster is pretty much what you would expect. 

Most outdoorsmen have a real good grasp on shooting styles, techniques, and overall general awareness for how different calibers shoot just based on the caliber name alone. However, this hipster at a gun range obviously lacks in this area.

What you are about to see is pretty much exactly what you would expect when a person not very familiar with guns decides to put on his man pants and shoot a .500 S&W.

Yep. And then there’s that…

Did anyone else think the surprise appearance by the Joker with that laugh was a nice touch, too?

Anyways, I do remember the first time I shot a .500 S&W. I was a little surprised by the shear Clint Eastwood power of it all, but still, I knew enough to make sure I was holding on to the gun more than normal. In this hipster’s defense, soft creamy hands and gun grips don’t usually mix well.

At least now he might have the beginnings of his first-ever blister.

[H/T to the fine folks at BroBible]

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How Does a Hipster Shoot a .500 S&W? Not Very Well [VIDEO]