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Rare & Violent Video of Hippo Attack on Crocodile [VIDEO]

hippopotamus attack

Watch this epic fight as a group of hippo attack a crocodile that invaded their territory.

Another lucky group of tourists visiting Africa witnessed and filmed this group of approximately 50 hippopotamus attacking and evicting a solitary invading crocodile from their territory after a short, but violent fight.

This video shows that no matter how tough you think you are, don’t mess with hippo!


Somehow, the crocodile managed to escape from the situation and live to fight again another day. Amazingly, the croc also managed to deal out some pain of its own when it bit down on the lower jaw of a hippo near the end of the fight.

It’s debatable as to who would win a fight one on one between a crocodile and a hippopotamus. However, it’s pretty clear that the crocodile had no chance against 50 or more hippo.

Like I’ve stated before, life in Africa is tough and unforgiving, even when you’re a top predator like a crocodile. Sometimes you win, but sometimes you lose.

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Rare & Violent Video of Hippo Attack on Crocodile [VIDEO]